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About Hukumchand Jute Mills


Hooghly Infrastructure Private Limited (HIPL), Unit- .Hukumchand Jute Mills is a Private Limited Company having its registered office at 10, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarani (Clive Row), 3rd Floor; Kolkata-700 001 incorporated on 1919.It is a professionally managed company engaged in the manufacture of Jute & Jute allied products. The factory is situated at Hazinagar, 24 Paraganas (N), PIN 743135. The present Management has an experience of over 22 years in running largest jute manufacturing units in the world efficiently, maintaining good rapport with the skilled workforce of the Company.  The unit has extensively been modernized to produce value added diversified jute products like geo-textiles, food grade quality jute cloth and bags apart from traditional jute - products including yarn/twine, bleached yarn & cloth, coloured  yarn & cloth, Hessian Cloth & Bags, Hukumchand Jute Mills is BIS Certified Company. It is one of the fast growing Jute manufacturing & exporting company and is a Recognized Export House. It produces about 300 Metric tonne weaving production per day making it the largest Jute Production Unit in the World.

Our mills  is located near the bank of River Hooghly; at Hazinagar is one of Mills of Ganga Deltic Region Processing Jute. It is situated at 79 acres of land, comprising 5 Mills with 330 Spinning Frames. On 21st September 1988, Jute Baron Mr.Arun Kumar Bajoria bought this mill and it was under his command till 14th July 2009. After his dismay death, it has been taken over by Mr. Sharad Kumar Jatia and Mr. Raghav Gupta. When Mr. A.K.Bajoria bought the mill, there were only 200 Spinning Frame installed. Till 2000, Hukumchand Jute Mill consisted of two sub-mills, namely Mill No.1 & Mill No.2. In 2001, under the direction of Sri Arun Kumar Bajoria and executed by Sri S. K. Chandra [Chief Executive (Works)], the mill was extended and a new mill namely New Extension Mill-1(NEM1) was set-up. It constitutes 33 Frames. Again, in 2003, another sub-unit New Extension Mill-2 and in the year 2006, New Extension Mill-3 with 66 Frames and 22 Frames respectively were set-up and in Mill No. 1 and Mill No.2, we increased 9 more frames. Ultimately, Hukumchand Jute Mill became the World's largest jute mill with 330 Frames running.

For the betterment of the quality of the product Modernisation in the Frames & Looms was introduced in Hukumchand jute Mill from the year of 2010& now the progress of modarnisation in the Jute processing has become one of the major sucess of this mill.

Our Company’s turnover is more than Rs. 450 crores and employs around 14,000 skilled workers under one single compound. The Company has not only expanded and modernized the mills but also has nurtured a team of skilled and dedicated workforce. Our Company has been awarded by “Process Capability Certificate” from Indian Jute Industries Research Association. Our Company also maintains the norms putforth by the Pollution Control Board, Government of West Bengal.

The finished products of our Company such as Sacking Bags are mostly purchased by Food Corporation Of India, Government of Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu , Government of India’s Purchase Procedure, etc. We manufacture Goods as per the requirement of these buyers.

The Company exports its products such as Hessian Cloths, Yarns etc. to the companies in USA, Germany, New Zeeland, Ukraine, Australia, U.A.E., Syria, Turkey, Philippines, Japan.